first things first i’m image


When you close your movie tab instead of closing the advertisement


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why do babies need twice as much sleep as us like they literally do nothing all day shouldn’t it be the other way around fuck babies


Once you start dating someone its like, impossible to insult them

"suck my dick" ok

“bite me” hell yeah

"kiss my ass" sure


Why Did I Do That?: A novel by me, with special guest appearances by several alcoholic beverages

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Teddy Lupin intercepting the owl back home to Harry for his misconduct, and changing himself to look like him when his godfather’s called by Mcgonagall for a talk. And Mcgonagall knows the marauder legacy so well that the first thing she says when he walks into her office is “what did I say to you after you attacked carrow?” and when teddy doesn’t answer “this, mr. bla- pardon me - lupin, is why I directly flooed your godfather”